Friends of Walkley Library
Friends of Walkley Library

Wishing success to the Walkley Carnegie Library 

Dear Visitor

Some members of the community felt that the WCL committee, whilst overseeing a successful programme of maintaining library services with a volunteer workforce, took a major decision without due regard to the future or to the possibility that the community might wish for something else.


We started a camapign when our efforts to talk to the WCL committee were met with resistance and we found that many people are reluctant to sell a community resource to the private sector.  Despite nearly 2,000 signatories to the 38 degrees petition insufficient momentum has been generated to change WCL's current course of action.


There remain different views about how a library service can be maintained in Walkley but we wish WCL success in their chosen direction.


We would like to thank all of you who supported our campaign.


This web page will remain available for a few months so that visitors can still access it. Should you wish to write to us you can do so at this email address

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Friends of Walkley Library